If you are not sure whether or not you have money waiting to be claimed that you do not know about, one way to start your search is to learn about the most common types of assets that go unclaimed. 

Of course, unclaimed assets—or money that is waiting to be claimed—can come from many different ways. In other words, unclaimed items, assets and possessions exist in many forms. Some forms are common and others are not.

Learn About Common Unclaimed Assets and Go Get Yours Today
common unclaimed assets

For example, you might be the new owner of your deceased great-grandfather’s estate but did not know it. Or, you might have been left property in a family member or friend’s will, but maybe you work overseas so you were never contacted. Or, there could be a class action lawsuit where a big corporation was sued, and you are owed money along with thousands of other people, but you have no way of knowing the lawsuit exists. 

In other words, there is a wide possibility of circumstances that influence these types of situations—the types of situations wherein money is owed to you that you do not know about. What causes people to not know they have assets, money, and property to rightfully claim? 

Speculating on the reasons why you have unclaimed assets is far less productive than learning what to look for and how to claim them.

Unclaimed assets are commonly held by state or federal government agencies because this is where they receive the most protection and accurate documentation of their existence. They take the form of tax refunds, personal property, cash, stocks, bonds, jewelry and much, much more. Allowing a state or federal government agency to hold your assets denies you enjoyment and profit. 

The value of your unclaimed assets might be worth hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars. You will not know until you run a lost money search or other unclaimed asset search online. What types of unclaimed items are most left abandoned? 

Cash is one the most frequent unclaimed items today. Money in forgotten bank accounts and cash left in safe deposit boxes are both more common than you might think. Tax refunds are also forgotten as are years-old paychecks from past employers. 

Moving is stressful and often chaotic. People move and leave security deposits with landlords they have the right to get back. Unemployment benefits, mortgage insurance refunds, bankruptcy funds and money from deceased relatives are all common types of unclaimed items today.

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