How To Find Out If You Are Owed Money Through Unclaimed Assets

Are your unclaimed funds part of the billions of dollars in forgotten or abandoned assets in holding by the state or federal government? Estate liquidation sales, wills, bankruptcies and forgotten paychecks all create assets and funds for recipients who are unaware of their existence. 

Unclaimed money in savings accounts and overlooked tax refunds also sit in holding waiting to be claimed. Once you realize you have money or property waiting for you it makes no sense to delay your claim any further. Learn how to find unclaimed assets for free and claim what is rightfully yours today.

Learn About the Unclaimed Assets You Might Be Missing
unclaimed assets
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It may seem illogical to think you have money, property or other assets waiting for you to claim. But the truth is, many billions of dollars in assets go unclaimed each year. 

So you might be wondering: What are unclaimed assets? 

An unclaimed asset is any item of value, which belongs to you, but you cannot or do not receive for a multitude of reasons. What reasons could prevent me from knowing I have unclaimed money in or assets in holding? 

You might be unaware of your unclaimed assets because of the following reasons:

• Clerical error.

• Lost in mail.

• Theft or fraud.

• Name change (for marital, professional, or other reasons).

• Frequent relocations (military life, new college, contract-based jobs).

• Forgotten active bank accounts.

• Forgotten safe deposit box(es).

An unclaimed property search helps you locate and claim what is rightfully yours. Perhaps you were the owner of a lending institution or other financial-oriented business where a client defaulted. If that client filed bankruptcy, you might have unclaimed bankruptcy funds waiting for you. 

When you have bankruptcy-related unclaimed money federal courts hold your funds until you claim them. The U.S. Department of the Treasury (USDT) also holds unclaimed bankruptcy funds. Searching for these funds and many other types of unclaimed assets is simple and convenient to do online today.

Start your search with applicable state government agencies. Every U.S. state keeps records of all unclaimed property for its residents in either a lost property or a treasury department. Information required includes your name, all previous addresses, all prior current and prior employment information (including hiring and resignation dates) and your bank account information. 

Multi-state databases are also available to find unclaimed money for people who lived or worked in multiple states. Once you find your unclaimed assets the next step is to file an official state-specific claim to receive them.

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