7 Best Mobile and Online Banking Apps

Online banking has taken the world by storm. We do nearly everything from our smartphones – why should banking stay in the past? Gone are the days of waiting in line to cash your paycheck at the bank. Having a banking app makes it easy to deposit money, transfer funds and pay bills from virtually anywhere. 

Some free online banking apps are included when you open an account at a bank. But did you know there are other apps you can use independent of the bank you have? Check out this list of the best X mobile banking apps available.

Best Banking App Interface: Chase Mobile
Best Banking App Interface: Chase Mobile

The Chase online app has all the features of a brick-and-mortar bank an easy-to-use interface. Chase Mobile makes it easy to view your statements, pay bills and juggle multiple accounts in one screen. 

 Unlike some other banking apps, the Chase online app allows you to manage your points from the Chase Ultimate Rewards program. Through the app, you can: 

  •     View your points. 
  •     Redeem points for rewards.
  •     Apply points to your balance.
  •     Book travel right through the app.
  •     Combine points from multiple accounts.
Best from a Bank: Citi Mobile
Best from a Bank: Citi Mobile

Citi internet banking has been around for a few years now, and their Citi Mobile app is constantly improving. Many customers use Citibank online features to conduct all their banking activities, including the mobile app. The Citi Mobile app makes it easy to manage your accounts, make payments and more

Citi’s banking app also makes it easy to protect your account from security threats or fraud. If you ever lose or misplace your credit card, you can use the Quick Lock feature to prevent anyone else from using your card.

 Are you someone who constantly sends and receives money between friends? Citi’s online banking features are compatible with money transfer apps like Zelle, so you can easily split bills and pay friends on the go. 

Best Digital Bank Account App: Ally
Best Digital Bank Account App: Ally

A digital bank account is one that is offered by a fully online bank that does not have any physical locations. Many people mistakenly search for “allied bank” online when trying to open an account with Ally, which is one of the best online financial institutions out there. 

Many customers prefer Ally for its free savings accounts, which feature no minimum balance requirement. Others enjoy checking accounts with no monthly maintenance fees and a free debit card.

The Ally banking app is easy to use and lets you perform all the same banking activities you would at an in-person location. You can use Ally’s online banking app to:

  •     Check balances.
  •     Find nearby ATMs.
  •     Search transactions.
  •     Deposit checks with eDeposit.
  •     Start a chat through the secure messenger.
Best for User Experience: Chime
Best for User Experience: Chime

Who wouldn’t want to get paid sooner? With Chime online banking, you can receive your paycheck up to two days faster. Chime is another online-only financial institution that focuses primarily on debit and credit cards.

With the Chime banking app, you don’t even need to carry your debit card with you. The app can fully replace your plastic card and gives you access to more than 32,000 fee-free ATMs.

It does not offer products like loans, and you can’t open a joint account. But if simple online banking is your goal, Chime may be a good fit.

Chime’s banking app is one-of-a-kind among other digital banks because you can deposit cash. Many other online-only banks do not offer this feature. All you need to do is locate a GreenDot location.

Best for Customer Service: First Horizon Bank
Best for Customer Service: First Horizon Bank

Formerly known as First Tennessee, banking online with this institution is a pleasure thanks to excellent customer service. First Horizon Bank is a smaller institution but has hundreds of locations throughout the United States. 

First Horizon’s banking app is available for individuals as well as small businesses. You can use it to deposit checks, manage your transactions and view your account balances. It even has a budget feature that helps you set savings goals and become a better spender.  

If you ever have an issue with the app or online banking, you can rest assured knowing that the bank is notorious for customer service

When it was known as First Tennessee, banking online was not as easy. It got its new name to align better with its parent company, which afforded it more resources and allowed the bank to grow into what it is today.

Best App for Saving: PNC Bank
Best App for Saving: PNC Bank

The PNC online personal banking app is ideal for anyone interested in becoming a better saver. PNC bank Virtual Wallet has money management tools that can help you create and stick to a budget. 

You can waive maintenance fees by maintaining a minimum balance of $500 in your bank account, or by setting up direct deposit. The online banking app also lets you transfer money, monitor your accounts and make payments. 

It is best for those who live in the southeastern U.S. because of its high concentration of physical locations. 

Best App for Payday Advances: Dave Banking
Best App for Payday Advances: Dave Banking

The Dave banking app is a unique approach to modern banking. It allows you to request a payday advance of up to $200 if you find yourself in a tight spot and need to pay for essentials, like groceries or gas.

Dave banking does not charge interest on the accounts. Customers are charged a $1 monthly subscription fee that they can opt out of, and by doing so can send optional “tips” in return for the advance. 

The idea behind Dave banking is to use the app as a financial advisor. The app will alert you when your balance is low and will not charge you an overdraft fee if your account is overdrawn.

You can even use Dave banking to open a spending account with no minimum deposit and no minimum balance requirement. The Dave app allows you to set up direct deposit and order a debit card that you can use on everyday expenses.