Whether you know if you have unclaimed property or assets waiting for you to claim or not, there are specific ways through which you can learn whether assets are owed to you, and then also claim those assets. 

It is possible to find everything you are rightfully owed by using three simple yet important steps. The process of claiming assets that are owed to you is simple because both the state and federal governments hold billions of dollars in unclaimed financial assets for safekeeping every year. Therefore, they expect people to start searching for what they are owed.

Find Your Unclaimed Property Using These Important Steps
look for unclaimed property

Because of this, both state governments and the federal government have extremely accessible, easy-to-use, and free unclaimed money search tools for use online. 

When you are beginning your search for your unclaimed assets, It is important to keep this tip in mind: Information in each state might not be updated effectively and therefore might not provide all the answers you need. 

With this in mind, it’s also important to note that the process of searching and finding your unclaimed assets might also be slightly different from state to state, but the overall concept is the same nationwide. 

So, what are the three most important steps to find unclaimed money fast?

Step 1 – Begin your search in the state where you live. Use its unclaimed property website to look for what you are owed. You might need to use a multi-state database search if you lived or worked in more than one state for any length of time.

Step 2 – Expand your search to nationwide and federal databases. This step might also include comparing any results from your multi-state database searches. Unclaimed money federal databases help broaden your search zone and increase your chances of success.

Step 3 – Search through more specific government databases and archives to find specific types of unclaimed assets. For example, search the U.S. Courts system for unclaimed bankruptcy funds. Search the HUD database for unclaimed mortgage insurance refunds left in your name.

When you search through any of these databases and use a free unclaimed money search it is vital to input as much accurate information as possible. In addition to your full name and last known city and state you should also have relevant court information, account numbers and details about the person(s) who left you the items. 

The more information you have the more likely you are to find your money faster.

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