VITA, or Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, is not simply a lowly-run volunteer-based organization. Filing your taxes correctly is vital to your financial health and record with the IRS, or the Internal Revenue Service. Filing your taxes correctly is also important for receiving your annual tax refund on time, and for avoiding penalties, late fees, and fines in addition to the taxes you have already had to pay. 

Because filing your taxes correctly and in a timely manner is so important, volunteers from VITA are all officially trained to meet IRS standards. Then, IRS taxpayer assistance centers all over the country use volunteers from VITA, or other staff members who have successfully passed an IRS tax law course, to help people who need assistance to file their taxes.

File Taxes for Free In-Person with VITA
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In addition to being officially trained, VITA volunteers are also required to protect your privacy. All taxpayer information is private and confidential, and VITA volunteers are required to maintain respectful privacy of your personal financial information once you leave the VITA office.

Finding your nearest local VITA location is simple and fast to do online. The IRS website provides a VITA Locator resource, which allows you to query for operational VITA locations in your area.

A toll-free phone number (800-906-9887) is also available for people who prefer calling over browsing the internet. Calling your nearest VITA location might offer you the chance to book a specific appointment date, which will help you avoid lines and longer wait times. 

VITA assistance is available to qualified taxpayers who earn $60,000 or less per year, but other qualifying factors also apply. For example, people with qualified disabilities or whose primary language is not English, or who are ESL, meaning English as a Second Language, also qualify for free tax help through VITA.

To be prepared for an appointment with VITA to help file your taxes, additional information and documentation is often required to file your taxes with the organization. These additional documents and information that should be handy include:

  • Proof of valid identification.
  • Status of any earned income tax credit.
  • Military status.
  • Adjusted gross income.
  • State where you live and your age.

What if there are no free tax clinics near me? If a VITA center is not located near you, it is still possible to file your taxes for free using the IRS Free File program online. Whether filing through VITA or the Free File program you will need your W2s or 1099s as applicable. Knowing your filing status, applicable dependent status and if any income adjustments apply to your filing is also required. 

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