Are you a senior citizen, who needs help filing your taxes? Luckily, there are plenty of resources available to help seniors file taxes free of charge. Multiple resources for America’s senior citizens are available online and in-person across the nation. One of the top resources for seniors is the American Association for Retired Persons, or AARP.


If you are a member of AARP, you will have access to assistance with taxes, which are only a click or a phone call away. By using the proprietary AARP Tax-Aide program, you are afforded all the resources needed to help you file taxes for no fees. The AARP Tax-Aide program is free to users of all age groups and offers free tax preparation services both in-person and remotely.

Are you a Senior or Member of the U.S. Military? Get Tax Help Just for You Today

If you have certain priority statuses, you may be able to be first in line to receive the help that the AARP Tax-Aide program offers. Tax-Aide priority status is offered to qualified low-income taxpayers and people who are at least fifty years of age. If you qualify based on one or both these conditions you might receive specialized services and shorter wait times when filing.

The Tax-Aide program is also required to use certified staff members and volunteers who have completed IRS-facilitated tax preparation training. Training for Tax-Aide is mandatory for each volunteer every year he or she serves. So, you always know you’ll be getting the best, most qualified help. 

Because every staff member and volunteer is properly educated and trained for providing tax filing assistance, each volunteer’s knowledge and guidance are up to date with current tax laws and codes. The AARP website provides a search portal to help locate a Tax-Aide facility in your area. AARP also provides a comprehensive frequently asked questions page, or FAQ, which is full of additional resources and information in case you have further questions.

The good news is: there are even more resources available if using AARP is not convenient for you. Active or Veteran U.S. military personnel and their applicable spouses might qualify to use the free MilTax Filing software program. 

Qualified MilTax users have access to assistance with unique military-based tax scenarios such as:

  • Deployment-based filing extensions.
  • Guidance on economic impact payments.
  • Accurate combat and deployment pay reporting.
  • Pandemic-based tax implications. 
  • Processing refunds and tax forgiveness claims for survivors.

Tax preparation and filing are both provided by MilTax staff, who are educated and trained to assist with military-specific tax-related issues. 

MilTax is available online or by telephone. The program is operational beginning January 19 and ending mid-October each year. 

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