Finding Free Assistance With Your Taxes

Preparing for tax season often feels like preparing for a major event. Filing your taxes is easier to do today than ever before thanks to taxpayer assistance centers and multiple online options. The filing process is also free when you use the right services.

Free income tax preparation through the IRS Free File and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, programs is available online today. Free DIY tax preparation software is also available for download online or via smartphone apps. Read ahead for numerous helpful ways to get free tax assistance.

The IRS Free Tax File: Learn How It Works for You
irs tax file
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Many consumers hesitate when it comes to filing taxes because they believe the process Is expensive and complicated. Concern about making mistakes is another reason many taxpayers hold off until the last minute. Did you know the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and numerous other sources provide free tax help to qualified taxpayers in multiple income brackets?

The IRS Free File program helps qualified taxpayers file taxes at no cost. Program features are accessible in tiers based on your income level. Americans earning up to $73,000 per year file for free and receive extensive guidance through each step of the filing process. Various accounting firms have proprietary tax software they use for their clients. 

The IRS is partnered with these accounting firms to help multiple millions of taxpayers file for free each year. Free File is also available to Americans who earn more than $73,000 per year. Use of the program is still free for users in this income bracket but less features and guidance are provided.

The process to use Free File starts with you collecting all your tax-related information, documents, and materials. Use your internet browser to navigate to the IRS Free File website and follow the instructions from there. 

Guidance is extensive for users who earn $73,000 per year or less. Users who earn more than $73,000 per year need to have some knowledge and experience regarding tax preparation and filing due to the limited guidance provided for people in this income bracket.

Taxpayers earning up to $60,000 per year might qualify for additional taxes help through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance, or VITA, program. 

VITA is a government-funded, non-profit initiative volunteer program consisting of people from various communities offering free income tax preparation assistance to anyone in need of help. The IRS funds VITA through grants, which allows volunteer tax preparation assistants and site managers to operate the centers.

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