Sometimes, you may not even be aware that bankruptcy funds are owed to you or available to you. After a bankruptcy case is completed through the courts, there can be reasons why bankruptcy funds go unclaimed aside from court-appointed trustees not being able to locate the people they are owed to. Some other reasons why bankruptcy funds go unclaimed include:

The court or its appointed trustee has incorrect recipient contact information; Checks get lost in the mail or cash misplaced; or, The entitled recipient has died, and the court cannot locate an estate manager. However, the most common reason is when recipients are unaware a bankruptcy occurred, and their unclaimed money is in holding.

How To Find Unclaimed Bankruptcy Funds That Are Owed To You
find unclaimed bankruptcy funds

When you learn you have unclaimed funds from a bankruptcy you want to claim them fast. 

Even if you only suspect you might have money waiting, you still want to find out the answer quickly and claim your funds with brevity if available. Fortunately, the process for claiming bankruptcy entitlements is much easier than one might think. 

The United States Courts website provides a convenient and searchable online database. Entering appropriate information into the Unclaimed Funds Locator reveals details about other creditors and people entitled to money from the bankruptcy case in question.

Using the Unclaimed Funds Locator database to find unclaimed money works best when you enter plenty of detailed, accurate information. The search process is easy, but the accuracy of its results is largely dependent upon the information you provide.

Begin by entering the name of the court in which the bankruptcy was filed, then also enter:

• The case number associated with the bankruptcy.

• The bankruptcy case decision date.

• Name of the debtor or filer.

• Your name or the name of the creditor you represent.

• Minimum expected amount of unclaimed funds.

In the event the information you provide is accurate, but you do not get the results you seek, contact the bankruptcy court where the decision was rendered. Each bankruptcy court is required to apprise the United States Courts of any unclaimed assets or cash pursuant to bankruptcy decisions. 

Mistakes are sometimes made, however, whether clerical, technical or via oversights. Contacting the USDT also helps you find unclaimed money transferred to its holdings department. 

A combination of using the Unclaimed Funds Locator and contacting the appropriate court systems should get you the results you need. Once you find your unclaimed money you must then file an official claim to receive it.

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