Learn How To Pay Rent With Your Credit Card To Collect Big Rewards

For those who pay rent, rent-day is the one day of the month everyone dreads. Because rent is increasingly so expensive, rent pay-day is the day your bank account suffers the biggest hit of the month. While 59 percent of adults in the United States live paycheck to paycheck, that can make paying such a big chunk of your paycheck towards rent even more difficult. 

While rent is usually paid through cash, checks, and debit cards, something many people do not know is that it is possible to not only pay your rent through a credit card, but you can also earn big rewards like cashback and points for free travel and vacations by doing so. Depending on what credit card you use to pay your rent, you can accumulate big savings. Below, learn about how you can save big, and make rent day more positive, by paying your monthly rent on a credit card. 

The Types Of Rewards You Can Earn On Rent Credit Cards
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For those who either don’t have the upfront cash to pay rent or for those who want to earn and collect rewards by spending big amounts of money on your credit card, rent credit cards are the perfect option for you. By paying your rent on a rent credit card on a monthly basis, you can collect incredibly rewarding results. 

While it depends on which rent credit card you decide to use, some of the types of rewards you may be able to earn by paying rent via credit cards are cashback rewards at the end of your monthly credit card statement, travel rewards to book flights, hotels, rental cars and more for free or with deep discounts, and credit card introduction bonuses, which can earn you up to 100,000 extra bonus points free when you qualify for a new credit card and meet the intro spending ceiling. 

Whether you can use a credit card to pay your monthly rent might depend on your landlord. Whether they are a personal owner of the property or a real estate company that owns your apartment building, every landlord is different. However, some landlords and other lenders do allow for the option of renters paying their monthly rent via credit card online. If your landlord allows this, you can even set up automatic payments, so you never have to worry about missing the deadline to turn in your rent again. 

For those people whose landlord would prefer that you do not pay with a credit card but in more traditional methods like cash or check, you’re not out of luck yet. Lucky for you, there are third-party companies that you can make your credit card payments to, who then will get the cash to your landlord on time. While each third-party service that exists might differ from one another, learn here about how to choose the best payment service for you.

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