Are you convinced that paying your rent with a credit card is the best way to get by on rent-day stress free and with the added benefits of earning rewards? Making your rental payment with credit cards is easy, and can even be automatically set to pay each month without you having to manually log in to your accounts. 

What’s more, you can earn all different types of rewards in your credit card account and easily pay off your credit card balance once you have made your rental payment. So, how do you start paying your rent with a credit card to help you save money each month through accumulated credit card rewards? 

The Third-Party Services That Help You Pay Your Rent With A Credit Card So You Don’t Miss Out On Rewards

Depending on who your landlord is and what their preferences are, some landlords offer their renters convenient online payment platform options that accept credit card payments in order to pay their rent. If this is the case for you, paying with a credit card is an incredibly easy process for you. 

However, some of these platforms might charge fees up to three percent of the payment value when you use the platform to pay rent with a credit card. These transaction fees are a one time fee, but will be applied each time you pay your rent each month with your credit card. 

So, another option is that you can utilize a third-party company to pay your rent with a credit card, who will then get the cash over to your landlord so your rent is paid on time, but so you can still earn rewards. 

One of the best third-party companies to use to pay your rent with a credit card is Radpad. Radpad accepts multiple credit cards to make payments, such as Visa, Discover, Mastercard, Apple Pay, and American Express. Aside from the mere fact you are able to pay your rent with a credit card through Radpad, one of the further advantages of using Radpad is that you are guaranteed an online payment to your landlord from the third party, if not, there is compensation back for you.

This is how Radpad works: You make a credit card payment to Radpad for the amount of your rent, and then Radpad sends a check that can be cashed to your landlord. 

However, not all services come free, unfortunately. If you are interested in using Radpad, it’s important to remember that you will be charged a fee of 2.99 percent of the value of your rental payment each time you make the payment every month. While this will result in more money leaving your bank account, it also results in you earning more credit card points or cashback rewards!

Plastiq is another third-party company that offers to help you pay your rent with a credit card. You can use Platiq for direct deposits, check or wire transfer payments. You can use any of the major credit card companies with Plastiq, they offer on-time guaranteed payments, and they offer one of the lowest additional fees for your transactions, at just 2.5 percent.

Other possible third party companies you can use to make your payments are: 

  • Venmo,
  • Clickpay, and
  • Place, which was formerly known as RentShare.

So, what are the best credit cards to use with these third-party companies to earn the biggest rewards? Next, learn which credit cards offer the best reward programs to help you get cashback and points when you pay your rent.

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