Every single human on Earth needs water to survive, but many still struggle to keep it running in their household. You might not think of your water or utility bill as being difficult bills to pay, but every month they can add up to hundreds of dollars to your monthly bill. And if you are having trouble paying your water bill, it’s possible you might get your water connection cut off, wherein you will be left without the ability to shower, flush the toilet, turn on the faucet, and more.

There are many reasons as to why a person might end up getting their water service shut off, however, one of the most common reasons why water connection gets turned off to households by the utility companies is because of late or missed payments. 

Late payments over a long period of time is the most common reason people get their water service cut off. If you are approved for assistance, then there are several services set up to help mitigate water service bills. 

Save Hundreds on Your Yearly Water Bills
save water bill

The Salvation Army is one such organization that offers a utility bill assistance program for qualifying applicants. Utility bills usually include heating, electric, and water services. The Salvation Army has many programs in a broad array of subjects, but the water bill program is one that specifically helps you with your monthly water bill each month. 

Availability to receive these benefits to help you get your bills paid  is always prioritized for those in emergency situations or life threating conditions should their water service become interrupted. 

Another such organization that helps with water services is the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). The EPA has a large list that shows all the providers of water services as well as what assistance programs the providers are offering their customers. 

From state to state these assistance programs or Customer Assistance Programs (CAPs) vary in qualifiers as well as what they cover. CAPs aid make water bills affordable. Utility companies have reported at least one percent of their customers at some point have been unable to pay their water services. 

Private water service providers also offer temporary assistance in the forms of debt forgiveness, lenient pay plans, service restoration, and many other options. Just call the provider of the water service and ask them which service assistance they can provide. Keep in mind not all private water service companies are the same and experiences, as well as options, will differ greatly. 

Alongside water bills, the everyday person has to pay electricity bills as well. Next, learn how to receive financial assistance paying your electricity bill.

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