Electricity is what powers everything from your lights to your appliances to your air conditioner. Essentially, all utilities depend upon electricity. And with these utilities, comes utility problems sometimes. The main reason why many people run into utility problems is that they may encounter trouble paying their electricity bills. So, like the consequences of water bills going unpaid, if you do not pay your electricity utility bill you may get your electricity shut off. 

Unfortunately, getting your electricity cut off can be a negative experience for many reasons. If your utility company cuts your electricity, you would not be able to use any appliances in your house. What’s more, this can be especially disastrous in winter and summer when temperatures in certain parts of the country are quite extreme.  

How To Find Help Paying Your Electricity Bill
electricity bill
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Something that Electric companies sometimes use during the harsh months and issue to consumers is a Termination Protection Period, or TPP, to help with your electric bill issues. The purpose of a TTP is meant to alleviate the worry that your electricity will be shut off in the dead of winter, or when summer temperatures are soaring into dangerous levels. With the safety net of a TTP, even when you can’t pay your bills on time, you won’t have to worry about your electricity being shut off in extreme weather conditions.

Participating companies can choose to issue a TPP as they please, however, the state where the company is located can also mandate companies to issue TPPs.

The good news is, the federal government has a specific program that is meant to help people in need cover their electric bills throughout the year. Oftentimes this program will give a yearly stipend to those who qualify to put towards their electricity bill, so you’ll never be worried about getting your electricity bill turned off again.

The federal program LIHEAP, or the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is in place to help with electric bills, though you are still required to pay a portion of your electricity bill. LIHEAP gets its funds from the government and is in place to help those who are qualified, to pay portions of their electric, heating, and cooling services. LIHEAP is a perfect program for those who need help paying utility bills.

LIHEAP also happens to cover home improvements to weatherize a home.  This is to help those living in regions where snow storms and tornadoes are common. 

This federal government program is affected largely by income amount and by medical issues. However, those already enrolled in other government programs are also qualified for LIHEAP. 

It is illegal for electric companies to disrupt or shut off electric services during severe weather circumstances or if you have certain medical difficulties. Consumer protection laws vary from state to state but are in place to help the sick, young, and old from suffering ill effects of having the power shut off.

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