Finding the best debit card for your own financial situation takes a bit of time and effort. First, consider your preferences – what is most important to you? One type of debit card may prioritize convenience and offer a wide network of fee-free ATMs. Other debit cards might advertise cashback options. 

Then there are prepaid debit cards, which require you to manually load funds before you can use them to purchase goods and services. Also known as a reloadable debit card, this type of payment system is best for those who do not have standard checking accounts. 

How to Find the Best Debit Card Available
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You can open a reloadable debit card without the need to open a checking account at a bank. These types of cards offer a wealth of benefits, including:

·      Low risk of overspending. Unlike a debit card that is linked to a bank account, prepaid debit cards do not pose a risk of overspending. Many prepaid cards will not go through if the amount of the payment is more than the amount loaded onto the card.

·      Safer than cash. If you lose or misplace cash, it’s gone. If you lose or misplace a reloadable debit card, you can typically cancel it and get any remaining funds back. 

·      Great for kids. As the primary account holder, you can control the balance on the card and stop payments whenever you’d like. You may also have the option to get purchase alerts if the card is used to make large purchases.

Does a reloadable debit card sound like the best option for your financial needs? Here are the best prepaid debit cards available in 2024:

·       PayPal Debit Card – The PayPal debit card is a prepaid Mastercard that is accepted anywhere Mastercard is accepted. As long as you have money in the account, you can use it to purchase items, services or even transfer money to your friends. 

·       Greenlight Debit Card – This is one of the best prepaid debit cards for kids because parents have ultimate control over what it is used for. Kids can download the app and even earn money by completing chores. They’ll also learn more about responsible spending, including how to build a proper savings account.

·       Walmart Debit Card – The Walmart MoneyCard can be used anywhere that Visa is accepted. However, this type of reloadable debit card is best for those who make frequent purchases at Walmart, as it rewards customers with cashback bonuses each time it is used at a Walmart store.

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Updated on 05/24/2022