Receiving your tax refund each year can take a while if you do not file your taxes right away. Sometimes, even if you do file your taxes immediately, it may take a while to receive your funds. Whether you like surprises or not, it is still likely you do not enjoy waiting on your IRS refund for undetermined lengths of time. 

It is reasonable to expect your tax refund to be sent to you as soon as possible, though that is not always what happens! This is a reasonable expectation. To ease your mind, the IRS’s track-my-refund tool is designed to accommodate people to keep track of their refund as best as the program can.

Take Advantage of Refund Tracking Options to Locate Your Missing Federal Refund
refund tracking options

The official IRS refund tracking tool, referred to as Where’s My Refund, helps find your missing money whether your return was filed online or even sent in the mail. What’s more, the Where’s My Refund tool is an excellent resource to use when you’re waiting for your refund to arrive, but this tool is not the only option available for finding your refund today.

Some people file on their own, while others file returns using a tax preparation filing service. Tracking your refund is possible regardless of how your filed once you know how to find the right methods and tools. 

Calling the IRS is always an option but is typically the slowest option available. If you choose to call the IRS it is advisable to:

  • Wait three weeks after filing electronically.
  • Wait six weeks after filing by mail.
  • Plan for long wait times (several hours is not abnormal).

The IRS2Go app for Apple and Android systems is fast and convenient to use on mobile devices. Once downloaded and activated you are prompted to entre specific information. In response you will see either Return Received, Refund Approved or Refund Sent. A received return means the IRS accepted your return. 

An approved refund status means the refund amount you expected will be delivered. When your refund reaches the Refund Sent status you will receive it on the posting date as indicated by the IRS (bank or credit union terms and conditions also apply).

The IRS Where’s My Refund tool requires your Social Security Number (SSN), tax filing status and exact refund amount. The same status terms are used in this tool as in the IRS2Go app. Once your information is entered your refund’s status is displayed.

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