Sometimes, people may find themselves in the unfortunate situation of having a credit card with a large balance that can’t easily be paid off. When this happens, credit card companies are making a lot of money off your credit card balance, by charging you extremely high interest rates. 

Most credit card companies will enact obscene interest rates onto credit cards after the first year. Sometimes, interest rates can succeed 25%. If you have a balance you are having trouble paying off, you might have a hard time getting your balance back down to zero with such a high interest rate.

Some Of The Top Balance-Transfer Credit Cards
balance transfer credit cards

The good news is, there are credit cards out there that allow you to transfer the remaining balance of your credit card to a different credit card, so that you can go back to having 0% interest rate for the amount of time that you are paying off the balance. These types of cards allow you to transfer your remaining balance from a high interest credit card to their card sporting a lower interest.

One good example of a balance transfer credit card is the Citi Simplicity Card. The Citi Simplicity Card  is great for those who sometimes forget their due date for their credit card payment, and oftentimes find themselves being charged with interest fees and late fees. With this card, you never have to pay late fees. So, if your paycheck is delayed or unforeseen events mean you have to wait to pay it, Citi Bank allows you to breathe easier.  

On top of this benefit of having zero late fees, with the Citi Simplicity Card you also pay no fees or interest rates on any of the purchases you make with the card. If you transfer a balance you have from another card onto the Citi Simplicity Card, you have zero percent interest for the first 18 months. 

The Petal 2 is a cash back, zero fees credit card that also works very well with balance transfers. With the Petal 2, you will pay zero late fees. However, with the Petal 2 card, you will also receive even more benefits. This card offers you rewards if you pay your monthly bill on time. Additionally, you do not need a credit history to qualify for the Petal 2 card. 

You also receive 10 percent cash back when you make purchases from participating retailers. 

Wells Fargo Active Cash is a credit card designed for balance transfers. Pay zero percent APR for 15 months upon activation on purchases and balance transfers. 

Get 2% cash back on eligible purchases, a signing bonus, and $600 protection on your cell phone against damage. 

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