Interested in getting SSI Disability benefits for your disability or medical condition? You must apply for the program to determine if you qualify. You can apply for Social Security Disability online, by phone or in person. 

If you apply for SSDI online, you do not need to make an appointment or wait in line like you would on the phone or in person. Applying online also gives you the flexibility to complete the application on your own time. You can save your progress and return to the online application later if need be.

How to Quickly and Easily Complete the Social Security Disability Application
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The Social Security Disability application process requires you to submit personal information. The Social Security Administration (SSA) reviews your information and determines whether you qualify for the program based on your disability and other factors. 

Once you submit your online SSDI application, look for a notice in your mailbox containing a decision about your eligibility for the program. You may not be the only member of your household to qualify for disability benefits, either. 

In fact, your spouse and qualifying dependents could receive up to 50 percent of the amount you qualify to receive.

To apply for SSDI online, simply head over to the Social Security Administration’s website. You will need to create an account using your Social Security number and a password. That way, you can save your progress on your application if you need to complete it later.

The Social Security Disability application requires you to answer several questions that the SSA uses to determine if your disability qualifies for benefits. You can expect to see the following questions on the application:

1.     Is your condition severe? – Your disability or medical condition must be severe enough to prevent you from completing basic work activities for at least 12 months. These include sitting, standing, walking, lifting or remembering. 

2.     Are you currently working? – SSDI benefits are meant to partially replace the income you have lost from being unable to work. The SSA considers you to be working if you earn an average of $1,470 (if non-blind) or $2,460 (if blind) or more each month, which is the 2023 standard.

3.     Do you have a qualifying disability? – Your disability or medical condition must appear on a list created by the SSA. These conditions are considered severe enough to prevent or drastically limit your ability to work. The list varies depending on your age. 

4.     Can you perform the work you once did? – The SSA reviews your employment history to determine if you have any skills from previous employment that you could use to earn a wage without affecting your condition.

5.     Can you perform other types of work? – If you cannot go back to the same type of work, the SSA will consider other types of work that fit your abilities. 

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Updated on 02/23/2023