Apps aren’t just for playing games – they can also help you save and earn money. If online shopping is your thing, there is a huge possibility you are leaving money on the table. Are you someone who signs up for free trials, but forgets to cancel? Here are some apps that can help with both situations.

Use Apps to Save Money

Kudos Smart Wallet 

Attention all online shoppers: here is what you need to earn rewards and benefits so you can get the most out of your cards when you shop online. This digital wallet app and browser extension will streamline the checkout process by autofilling your credit card info and CVV numbers. The best part? It will recommend the best card to use at checkout based on the rewards that each of your credit cards offer, so you get the most out of your purchase. You’re just one click away from saving money while you shop. Learn more today!

Rocket Money

View all your subscriptions and due dates in one place. Although you can’t earn money using it, you can definitely save money. The app includes budgeting tools and will negotiate to lower bills on your behalf. Plus, you can see the subscriptions you’re paying for so you can start canceling and keeping that money for what really matters. 


This browser extension can help you save money as you make online purchases, offering cash back deals and coupons. With over 3,500 online stores available, instead of making household purchases in person, you can do it online and earn cash back for items you need. 

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