Setting up direct deposit won’t necessarily save you money immediately, but it may provide substantial perks, savings and other benefits that you can reap down the road. For instance, direct deposit is consistent, allowing you to set up and stick to a budget. This helps you set money aside for certain bill payments and may even help you avoid late payment fees by scheduling payments around your deposit.

Some types of direct deposits may have other incentives when you open an account. For example, the Cash App direct deposit system is one of the fastest available. Your money is available as soon as it is deposited by your employer, which could be up to two days sooner than some banks.

Can Direct Deposit Save You Money? Find Out
direct deposit save money
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Cash App direct deposit is ideal for anyone who doesn’t already have a bank account in a mainstream bank. You can receive up to $25,000 in a single deposit and up to $50,000 in one day. 

Looking for other direct deposit options? Consider the following financial institutions:

·      PayPal Direct Deposit – If you have a PayPal account, you may be eligible for PayPal direct deposit. According to the company, you could receive your paycheck up to two days sooner than paper checks. 

·      Venmo Direct Deposit – This direct deposit may be beneficial if you frequently transfer money to friends, co-workers or other entities through the Venmo app. You can even use Venmo direct deposit to receive government payments, including tax refunds, unemployment benefits and Social Security payments.

·      Netspend Direct Deposit – You could receive your paycheck up to two days before payday with this service. Netspend direct deposit sends your money to a Netspend debit card.

·       Cash App Direct Deposit – Cash App is a money transfer app that offers direct deposit into a variety of banks. Sutton Bank is one of these banks. However, the Sutton Bank Cash App direct deposit relationship is often misinterpreted. Cash App is owned by Square, Inc. – NOT Sutton Bank. However, Sutton Bank issues the Cash Card and can be used in the Cash App system.

Many banks offer a prepaid card with direct deposit enrollment that you can use around the world. Pairing a direct deposit with a debit card makes the entire process even faster; funds are automatically deposited into your bank account, which is linked to a debit card you can use in person and online. For example, EDD direct deposit in California allows enrollees to use a debit card after receiving paychecks, government checks or other authorized deposits.

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