Have you decided that you would like to apply to receive the retirement benefits offered by the VA? After a career in the military, no matter how short or long it was, these are benefits that you have earned that are waiting for you to take advantage of. 

Before you begin your application to receive VA retirement benefits, you will need to gather certain information that will be required to complete your pension application.

How to Apply for VA Retirement Benefits

Some information you should collect before you begin your application include your:

  • Social Security number or your VA file number.
  • Military history.
  • Work history.
  • Medical information.
  • Bank account information for direct deposit.
  • Your financial information and the financial information of your spouse or dependents.

It may be advisable to submit an intent to file form prior to applying for VA pension benefits. By submitting your intent, you can give yourself additional time to gather the information you need while avoiding any delays in the starting date of your benefits. In some cases, filing your intent to apply can help you qualify for retroactive VA retirement payments.

You can apply for Veterans Pension benefits online by creating a VA.gov account and completing an online application. This option is helpful because VA.gov can help prefill certain parts of your application based on the information you provided on your account. You can also save your application while it is in progress and come back to it within 60 days to complete the form.

You can also apply for VA retirement benefits by mail by printing out and mailing an Application for Pension (VA Form 21P-527EZ). You can mail the completed application to the Pension Management Center (PMC), the address of which you can find online.

Finally, you can visit a VA regional office near you and complete an application in person. You can visit the VA.gov website to find VA locations in your local area. Calling your local can also be a convenient option to apply for benefits.

If you require additional assistance to complete your VA pension application, you can get help from a trained professional at the VA. An accredited representative can help you with your case to get you financial assistance from VA pension. If you need help, you can also work with an accredited attorney or a claims agent.

Note: You are still able to file a claim and apply for VA pension benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some offices have reopened but are operating with limited hours and services. Additionally, these facilities will be screening visitors for COVID-19 symptoms. Visitors to a VA facility are required to wear a mask that covers their mouth and nose. Assistance is still offered online or by telephone.

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