Pet Sitting, Rent your Car and More

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Pet Sitting with Rover 

Rover is the purr-fect platform where hanging out with dogs can earn you money. It’s not just a gig—it’s a cuddle, a walk, and a playful romp in the park rolled into one rewarding package. From wagging tails on dog walks to cozy cuddles during pet sitting, Rover offers you the freedom to turn your pet passion into paychecks. Rover does allow you to set your own rate, and there is no limit to how many dogs you can walk at a time.

Rent Your Car on Turo 

Work from home and barely use your car? Turn your parked car into a paycheck with Turo! It’s the savvy way to make your car work for you, earning passive income and making your monthly payment at the sametime! For example, Turo’s “Carculator” pitches that you could pocket an average of $7,300 a year just by letting someone else take your Chevrolet Cruze for a spin. 

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to pricing, steering through Turo’s suggestions or cruising with your own rates. And when the holiday season rolls in? That’s your green light for earning even more.

Run Errands or Perform Household Tasks with Task Rabbit 

If you are handy, unleash your inner fixer-upper and join Task Rabbit, where your knack for nailing home repairs, building furniture or moving furniture can all turn into money-making magic. Task Rabbit also offers a service for running errands.

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