Create Content and Monetize

Freelance on Upwork

Freelancing is where you can let your skills shine on your schedule. Upwork is a website that connects freelancers with gigs that match any type of skill set. It offers opportunities for developers, designers, writers, translators, customer support, sales and the list goes on. 

You set the price and handpick tasks that not only meet your financial goals but also fit perfectly into your lifestyle. According to Upwork, the average freelancer on their site earns about $28/hour, making it more than 70% of all workers in the United States. Plus, Upwork’s got your back with a rock-solid payment protection system.

Become an Influencer on Instagram 

Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing snaps—it’s a goldmine for influencers who know how to engage an audience. Whether you’re a foodie sharing mouthwatering pics or a fitness guru posting workout tips, there’s room for you to earn. While the Insta-famous might be raking in the big bucks, with six to seven-figure incomes, micro-influencers with less than 10K followers can earn about $1,500 bucks a month.

Create and Monetize a Blog 

Do you have a passion or opinion about something? Is there a specific subject you may consider yourself well versed in, well welcome to the world of blogging! It’s the perfect blend of sharing what you love, or what you don’t, and making money while doing so. With different types of monetization like Google Adsense or affiliate marketing, you can earn thousands of dollars a month.  According to RankIQ, food blogs are among the most profitable, with a median monthly income of $9,169!

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