Converting your adjustable-rate mortgage, or ARM, to a fixed APR, or a fixed annual percentage rate, is an excellent way to save money when you refinance mortgage terms and conditions. When considering ARMs, it would be good to remember that an ARM is unpredictable. While having an ARM, a mortgage whose rate adjusts depending on the financial market, it might save you money during certain market phases.

However, it can also cost you more during other market phases. One of the main issues people find with ARMs is that a borrower can never truly know when the market fluctuations will occur, which means the borrower may also never know when they will save or lose money on interest rates.

How the Best Refinance Lenders Can Help You Save Today
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Predictions about market fluctuation are always available. They can be found online, with financial advisors, or you can even talk to lenders at banks or credit unions to find out more, but these predictions are not always accurate.

You need something you can rely on as a homeowner in modern times, which is why it is important to research the best mortgage refinance companies available to help you with your loan refinance needs.

When comparing Bank of America refinance rates with Wells Fargo refinance rates you discover some interesting facts and figures. For thirty-year fixed mortgages Wells Fargo does slightly better by offering a 3.458 percent APR compared to Bank of America’s 3.397 percent APR. Bank of America offers discount points however, which result in many borrowers paying less over the life of the loan in the end.

Quicken loans refinance rates vary not only based on your FICO score and qualifying personal information, but also with the type of loan approved and purpose of the borrowed funds. The Citibank refinance rates are also competitive with the top refinance companies in the country today. 

Citibank is a major institution, which offers multiple perks on top of its competitive APRs and loan refinance options. Citibank offers popular and reliable mobile app and online features to help make your refinance process as convenient as possible.

When refinancing through a credit union you get the added benefit of receiving ongoing financial education and guidance. Your personal bank might also give you better APRs if you have a strong, long-term relationship. Online refinance lenders offer a wide variety of program options and potential loan flexibility.

Choosing the right lender for you helps you save money, reduce stress and get the funds you need today.

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