When it comes to being applicable for free cell phones provided to you by the U.S. government, you will have to apply through the government in your specific state. If you are looking for free government phones by state availability, Assurance Wireless is one good option. 

Assurance Wireless is a telephone service that is subsidized by the federal Lifeline Assistance program, which is a government benefit program supported by the federal Universal Service Fund. So, Assurance Wireless is a federal Lifeline Assistance program. What’s more, the Assurance Wireless telephone service is provided by Sprint.

Receiving A Government Cell Phone Through The Assurance Wireless Service
government cell phone

The Assurance Wireless service is not available in Alaska or Hawaii, but it is provided in Washington D.C. and the following contiguous states: Wisconsin, California, Virginia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Texas, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Idaho, Ohio, Arizona, New Mexico, Washington, Georgia, Rhode Island, Florida, Colorado, North Carolina, Delaware, Kansas, Nevada, Tennessee, New Jersey, Arkansas, Maine, New York, Alabama, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland, Iowa, Indiana, Oregon, Utah, and Mississippi. 

Assurance Wireless provides free cell phones without contract. Free or cheap monthly service plans are provided based on income.

Like all other Lifeline Assistance participants, Assurance Wireless must provide minimum services, including:

  • 4.5 GB of Monthly Data
  • 3G Speed for Mobile Internet Service
  • 1000 Cell Phone Minutes 
  • Home Internet at 25/3 Mbps Speed and 1024 GB Data Usage

Assurance Wireless provides additional perks you may find appealing, such as free customer support and 211 calls. It also provides 911 access. Additionally, you receive call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail service on your assurance wireless free phone. If you require more than the above minimums, Assurance Wireless also offers affordable rates for add on. For example, you can get 250 additional cell phone minutes for only $5. Every minute used beyond that additional amount costs 10 cents. 

Additional data plans per 30 service days are as follows:

  • $1 for 100MB 
  • $3 for 500MB
  • $5 for 1GB 
  • $10 for 2GB
  • $20 for 4GB 
  • $30 for 5GB

Although Assurance Wireless offers low rates for talking, texting, and data usage, it is not the only carrier available to choose from. If you live in one of the few U.S. states where it is unavailable or simply want to compare other options, the next slide outlines another participating free government smartphone service provider, Safelink Wireless.

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